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6th Annual CUNY Accessibility Conference: Student Success in the Digital Age

Thank you for attending the 6th Annual Accessibility Conference! We hope that you found the workshops informative and worthwhile. The many topics covered were chosen to enhance your knowledge and promote awareness as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ADA.

Our primary goal in making CUNY more accessible is to promote awareness of the issues and offer solutions to the common problems we face.  Our presenters were outstanding and did a wonderful  job educating the audience by sharing their knowledge.
We thank you for being part of the 6th Annual Accessibility Conference and hope you found it to be worthy of a positive recommendation.
Special thanks to Vice Chancellor Frank Sanchez, Dean Rosa, COSDI and the committee that helped make this event a successful one.
* Remember to mark on your calendars for the 7th Annual CUNY Conference on May 6th, 2016 at John Jay College!

  • Attendees collecting food at the food bar
  • Attendees sitting down listening to Carlos Herrera's speech
  • Vice Chancellor Frank Sanchez giving his speech at this years conference
  • Master of Ceremony Carlos Herrera giving a speech at the podium
  • Keynote speaker Andrew Cioffi giving his presentation on "ACCESSing the Future: Exploring Current Trends and Future Implications for Access in eLearning"
  • Key note speaker Andrew Cioffi giving his presentation
  • Attendees sitting down listening to one of the presenters
  • Presentation being given in one of John Jay college's lecture halls
  • Dean Rosa presenting the awards
  • Conference Awardee Roberta Adelman
  • Conference Awardee Kevin Tucker with Master Ceremony Carlos Herrera
  • Conference Awardee Dr. Michael Kress received an award
  • Conference Awardee Elliot Rosman
  • Ben-Ami Freier, Carlos Herrera, Dean Rosa, and Johnny
  • Vendor for the Brailler Depot
  • Vendors for Williams Sound
  • Vendor Michael Parker representing Vis-Ability Inc.
  • Vendor Chuck Cohen representing CTECH
  • Vendor Bill Kilroy representing Freedom Scientific

Update:Next Generation of the Livescribe Smartpen is Here!

*Livescribe 3 is now available on Android tablets with Bluetooth smart technology. Its compatible with Kitkat V4.4.2 or newer!

Over the weekend Livescribe released the next generation of their Smartpen called “Livescribe 3.” The pen uses Bluetooth to sync notes in real time on a tablet. The Livescribe 3 currently is only supported by apple as of right now. Click on the link below for more information on this product.

livescribe 3 pen

Livescribe 3

Textise: Convert Any Website Into Plain-Text In Just A Few Clicks!

For people who don’t have the best vision, it can sometimes be hard navigating through sites that have a lot of color, graphics and other content aside from text on the page. What if you wanted the cake without all of the icing? Whoever said you couldn’t have a cake and eat it too was wrong. Today, I’ll be showing you how to convert any website into plain-text for free in just two steps!

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